Remete Gorge, Budapest, Hungary

The Remete Gorge (Remete-szurdok), Budapest

Grand Canyon of the Buda Mountains


4 hour(s)

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Fri, Jun 21

Fri, Jun 21


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More information on specialties on the tour, where you can get to know some rare species of plants, cross the stream several times, balance on the stones, climb into the mouths of the caves, discover the rich ...

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professional tour guide

Good to know

Duration: 4h

Difficulty: easy-medium

Length: 7-8 km

Climb: 200-300 m

Descent: 200-300 m

Price per person : 10 euro ( 3200 HUF)

Recommended equipment

closed footwear, small backpack, enough food / sweetness for 3-4 hours walking, 1-1.5 liters of fluid, camera, or hiking

The Remete Gorge (Remete-szurdok), Budapest

Number of participants

Minimum 8 maximum 15

The Remete Gorge (Remete-szurdok), Budapest

Meeting point

Public transport: You can take the 157 or 157 / A from "Szél Kálmán Tér" and take off at the ' Szirom utca ' stop.

(Széll Kálmán Square - Hűvösvölgy - Máriaremete)

If you need help please contact us (


The Remete Gorge is located between Mount Remete and the Long Forest Mountain. Both sides are steep, rocky in many places. The main direction of the valley is west-east, but it turns a lot. Its length is about one kilometer, the cave is about 280 meters above sea level. On both sides, the mountai...

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Caves: There are many karst phenomena in the Remete Gorge. Cave has many rare shapes. Here you will find the Seven Holes (Hét-lyuk zsombolyrendszer), the Remete Cave (Remete barlang), and 15 cave dwellings, as well as the Some of these caves are Protected Cave, the Remete Cave an...

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In the caves of the gorge, pre-Ice Age animals, such as blackhead, cave lion, cave bear, cave hyena, were discovered. About fifty thousand years ago, the remnants of the woolly rhinoceros, hail and red deer, and three teeth of the Neanderthal man, lived in Flemish Cave of the Remete Valley. At th...

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Flora and Fauna

The side of the Remete Hill and the Hosszúerdő Hill are also covered with forest, as well as the cave. More ice age residual plants, that is, the living space of the glacial relic because of its closed and cool microclimate. In the western part of the valley there is also a special tree, the moun...

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The Remete Gorge (Remete-szurdok), Budapest


Booking in advance required.

You can apply at too.

The participation fee is 10 euro, which must be paid to the tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

The Remete Gorge (Remete-szurdok), Budapest