Ice Climbing in Tyrol & Lungau

Endless ice walls... Tyrol is well-known and famous for its ice walls all around Europe. Obertauern, Lungau, and Zillertal offer the best spots for ice climbing.

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Ice climbing

Ice Climbing

This unique alternative sport is more and more popular among families, friends, couples, and an excellent activity for individuals also. Climbing frozen waterfalls, icefalls, and ice towers is a unique experience for enthusiasts at all levels.  Ice climbing in Tyrol is not only about fitness, skill, and strength. It's also about being safe and have risk-free fun.

We advise you to engage in ice climbing, accompanied by qualified guides. 

The professional can provide all the necessary safety instructions, equipment, and teach you the safest moves.

Who are the Guides?

  • Experienced, Certified & Local Guides

  • English & German speaking - Ski and Mountain Guides

Why Ice Climbing?

  • Fun & Unique

  • Safety

  • Challenge

For your comfort

Tailor-made Activities

Both Christoph and Klaus offer 100% unique and tailor-made tours. They monitor the weather conditions every day, to ensure your safety. Every location is selected based on your skills, knowledge and requirements. As local guides, they know the area the best, and able to adapt any planned or unplanned situation.

  • Christoph - Zillertal and surroundings
  • Klaus - Lungau, Obertauern and surroundings

We can only recommend them!

Thinking of trying out ice climbing for a while now? Or are you an advanced climber, near to Lungau or Zillertal? You are in a good place...

  • State-certified mountain and ski guides
  • Safe environment
  • Beginner or advanced walls
  • Group or individual tours
  • All necessary types of equipment
  • Transfer from nearby accommodation (up to 4 people)

All prices are indicative only and subject to availability and changes without obligation.