Freeriding in Tyrol 2019/2020

Let the local experts show you around in Tyrol, with these amazing freeriding tours. Zillertal, Obertauern, and Lungau call you.

Ski touring
Ice climbing


Skiing down the untamed slopes - covered in fresh powder snow. That's the real adventure and fun for those, who are eager for freedom. Freeriding is the new upcoming experience, everyone should taste this winter.

Over the last couple of years, off-piste adventures such as freeriding have experienced a boom. More and more professionals offer unique, guided tours - with the exceptional knowledge of the area.

Tailor-made Activities

Both Christoph and Klaus offer 100% unique and tailor-made tours. They monitor the weather conditions every day, to ensure your safety. Every location is selected based on your skills, knowledge and requirements. As local guides, they know the area the best, and able to adapt any planned or unplanned situation.

  • Christoph - Zillertal and surroundings
  • Klaus - Lungau, Obertauern and surroundings

We can only recommend them!

All prices are indicative only and subject to availability and changes without obligation.