Slovenia | Biking

Slovenia is an outdoor adventure paradise with more than 10.000 km hiking trails and tons of adrenaline boosting activities.


Biking in Slovenia

  • What are the best outdoor adventure activities in Slovenia?

    TOP 3 adventure activities include:

    • Rafting down the crystal-clear Soca River (Soča River)
    • Hiking the Julian Alps in Triglav National Park
    • Bike downhill from the mountains around Kranjska Gora with amazing panorama and trails of all difficulties

  • Why to do biking in Slovenia?

    Slovenia's diverse terrain offers endless possibilities for mountain biking, whether you are an experienced rider searching for challenging single-trails or an easy-going cyclist who would like to explore the rolling hills of the Slovenian vineyards. All the way from the Adriatic Sea through the Alps to the Pannonian plains you can find a wide variety of lonely roads and trails for unforgettable biking holidays.

Why to go Biking in Slovenia?

  • Why Slovenia and not other places?

    Slovenia's undistributed natural environment, high mountains with breathtaking panorama, lonely hiking trails, impressive alpine lakes and crystal clear rivers provide wide variety of multi adventure activities to active adrenaline hunters. Search, find and book day or multi-day tours, combine adventure activities, such as mountain biking, rafting, river kayaking, canyoning, hiking and rock climbing. You will be safe in the hand of professional operators gained considerable experiences directly from the field.

  • What are the Visa requirements to Slovenia?

    Slovenia is party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that EU and EEA (European Economic Area) citizens have the right to enjoy free movement within the Union. A visa-exemption is also given to people who travel from the countries that are in the visa waiver program (for example US citizens) This category of travelers can stay within the Schengen Area for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay.

  • Best season to visit Slovenia?

    The best outdoor activity season runs from June till October when all of the mountain huts and resting places (almost 200) are open for hikers. The rest of the year might bring significant snowfall and the highest mountains in Slovenia are waiting for the experienced mountaineers. Slovenia offers plenty of nice and less demanding hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning and rock climbing options throughout the whole year.

  • Which are the best mountain biking trails in Slovenia?

    North-western part of Slovenia is famous for its difficult biking tours and the best views onto the highest mountains. Soča valley (Bovec, Kobarid & Tolmin) has a number of amazing mountain biking trails with superb single-trail descents, while the mountains around Kranjska Gora offer amazing panorama and trails of all difficulties. The area around Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj is amazing due to its fairytale natural environment and playful trails for experienced mountain bikers.
    Koroška region (eastern part of Slovenian Alps) offers a special deal to mountain bike lovers, there is a private single trail park and you can even bike through abandoned mine tunnels.
    The area around Ljubljana - the capital city of Slovenia - offers numerous great hided trails in the vast forests, but you will need an experienced local guide to fully explore the area.

  • Are there easy biking opportunities in Slovenia?

    For families and for those who are looking for less demanding and enjoyable cycling tours, we would recommend one of Slovenia's wine growing regions: Goriška Brda, Jeruzalem or the area around Maribor. After riding your bike for 2-3 hours take a rest, have a delicious meal and taste the outstanding local wines.

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