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From half-day to full-day rafting tours around Bled, Bovec, and Ljubljana. Available every day, suitable for families and novice adventurers. Have fun during your stay in Slovenia! 🇸🇮

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Rafting in Slovenia offers an unforgettable adrenaline based adventure and at the same time the chance to explore the most exciting nativity sceneries of the country. From more casual to the extreme, Slovenia's rivers offer it all. One of the best rafting river is the Soča as it flows down along the breathtaking beauty of the Soča Valley. Also Upper Savinja, Sava, Kolpa and Krka Rivers will peak your interest and pump up your adrenaline level. No matter which river you choose, the scenery and adventure are guaranteed.

Rafting with small kids 👶

Are you with a small kid, but still looking for some adventure? Nothing can beat a fun, but also safe rafting tour! Here's the only tour which ideal for kids under 6 years old.

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⏰ Don't hesitate too much. This is an ideal trip with small kids!

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Which are the best rafting rivers in Slovenia?

  1. Soca river (from Bled and Bovec)
  2. Sava river (from Bled)
  3. Upper Savinja river (from Luce and Ljubno)

The most adrenaline-boosting rides you can experience in Slovenia can be found on fast rivers like Savina, Kolpa, Sava, and Krka.
Slovenia's best rafting and most breathtaking river and natural scenery are on the Soča River. Rafting is great for people wanting to experience the wild Soča River but does not worry it is suitable for complete beginners as well as young kids above the age of three.
Also, there are very good rafting possibilities on the Upper Savinja River with some major centers around Luče and Ljubno. The river's upper stream is great for experienced fans offering more adventure, whilst around Luče the river widens and becomes more calm and slower.

What equipment is needed for rafting?

In case you are headed for rafting in Slovenia, other than the raft, you will need a wet-suite, life-jacket helmet and shoes.
You don't need to worry about the equipment since all the necessary high-quality equipment will be provided if you manage your rafting adventure via experienced guide and/or operator.

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