Slovenia Caves: Postojna & Skocjan & Mezica mine

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Postojna Cave

Predjama Castle is located close to Postojna Cave and is the largest cave castle in the world. The most visited tourist cave in Europe is a place where the 140 years old cave railway operates. By train, you can comfortably enjoy the beauty of this underground giant. The unique cave network of karst corridors, galleries and halls is a real jaw-dropping moment.

More than 38 million visitors from all over the world have seen Postojna Cave. They began their visit at the departure platform of the unique cave railway. A 5-kilometer subterranean trail is available for tourist visits. The train has also been adapted for disabled access.

Mezica Mine

The Mežica Mine was once an active and vital Slovenian mine, where locals were digging zinc. It operated for over 300 years. After the mine was closed, the rich natural heritage remained. Nowadays, the Mežica Mine is known for offering an authentic experience underground. Tours of the mine are not only implemented by foot, but also by cycling through a passage under Mount Peca, kayaking, or a magical underground train ride.

Skocjan Cave

As one of the longest known underground canyons in the world; it's no wonder that Škocjan Caves is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Škocjan Caves were even marked on the oldest published maps of this part of the world. For many years people have been attracted to not only the caves but also to the gorge where the Reka River disappears underground into Škocjan Caves. Then it flows 34 km underground before reappearing in Monfalcone, Italy. Today the explored length of the caves is 6.2 km. The caves represent the most significant underground phenomena in Slovenia.

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