Slovenia Canyoning Activities 🌊

From half-day to full-day canyoning tours around Bled, Bovec, and Ljubljana. Available every day, suitable for families and novice adventurers. Try out today!

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The venues suitable for canyoning are usually hidden narrow gorges in an unspoilt natural environment. The most popular places for canyoning are the gorges Sušec, Mlinarica and Fratarca near the Soča Valley and Grmečica, Mostnica and Jerečica near Lake Bohinj. Your choice will be determined by only your level of experience.

TOP 3 adventure activities for the summer:

  • Rafting down the crystal-clear Soca River (Soča River)
  • Hiking the Julian Alps in Triglav National Park
  • Canyoning in the Soca Valley

Canyoning is an amusing, energetic and unique way to discover the wild nature since most of the canyons are hidden from the casual glance of normal visitors to Slovenia. This is an extreme water sport, traversing narrow channels, jumping over small waterfalls into crystal clear river pools, sliding on natural chutes and sliding through powerful falls with a rope will require the best from you and give a lifetime adrenaline-boosting adventure experience.

Which is the best canyoning season in Slovenia?

Soča River is officially open for all kinds of water sports from mid-March through August and so do the other rivers. Most of the companies engaged in canyoning operate from late spring through summer, and some of them until late October. We recommend you April-October period as a general timeframe for canyoning in Slovenia.

What equipment is needed for canyoning?

In case you are headed for canyoning in Slovenia, you will need a wet-suite, climbing harness helmet and shoes. You don't need to worry about the equipment since all the necessary high-quality equipment will be provided if you manage your canyoning adventure via experienced guide and/or operator.

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