Slovenia in Winter

Slovenia is an outdoor adventure paradise with more than 10.000 km hiking trails and tons of adrenaline-boosting activities even in winter.

Ice climbing
Horseback riding
Accessible travel

Life doesn't stop in Slovenia, just because it's Winter...

Many would think that adventure disappears around Bled, Ljubljana, and Triglav National Park, just because September is over. Those who believe that couldn't be more wrong. Fortunately, there are many great enthusiast providers who remain active during the autumn and winter season. Thanks to them, you can easily conquer the slopes, or go off-piste, or try out new winter sports.

At all levels, from beginners to advanced - available almost every day.

For families, groups of friends, couples, and individuals as well.

Top 10 Adventures in Slovenia

  1. Skiing and snowboarding
  2. Ski touring around Bled
  3. Husky experience in Bled
  4. Winter climbing the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park
  5. Snowshoeing around Bled and Triglav National park
  6. Ice climbing around Bled
  7. Winter horse riding in Bled
  8. Winter ziplining in Bled
  9. Caving in Postojna, Mezica Mine, and Skocjan cave
  10. Accessible Travel

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Pick from these adventure packages
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Interesting facts

  1. The Solkal Bridge is the World's longest stone-arch brigde railway, 220 meters long and features 4533 stone blocks
  2. There are more than 500 brown bears living in the forests
  3. There are more than 10000 caves in Slovenia
  4. You can spend a night in a former millitary prison cell at Hostel Celica
  5. More than 61% of the total land area is covered by forests
  6. Slovenia has almost 27000 kilometers of rivers and streams
  7. You can visit the World's largest Ski Jump
  8. The highest mountain is Triglav (2 864 meters)
  9. Land area is 20,273 km2 (7,827 square miles)
  10. Largest Lake in Slovania is Lake Cerknica
  11. Hayracks are a unique cultural symbol of Slovenia
  12. 4000 years ago the Ljubljannsko Barje Nature Park was a lake that was home to pile-dwellers

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia's undistributed natural environment, high mountains with breathtaking panorama, lonely hiking trails, impressive alpine lakes and crystal clear rivers provide wide variety of multi adventure activities to active adrenaline hunters. Search, find and book day or multi-day tours, combine adventure activities, such as mountain biking, rafting, river kayaking, canyoning, hiking and rock climbing. You will be safe in the hand of professional operators gained considerable experiences directly from the field.

All prices are indicative only and subject to availability and changes without obligation.