Magical North Tours

Explore the best northern destinations like the Arctic, the fjords of Norway, Greenland, Iceland, the Finnish wilderness, and many more...

Magical North

If you are looking for your next adventure to the North, you are in the right place! These packages offer you the greatest selection of multi-day and day activities, containing sailing, polar cruises, dog sledding, and reindeer sledding, hiking, biking, wildlife and whale watching, and many more...

Top attractions:

  • Polar Cruises
  • Northern Light Tours
  • Sailing Tours
  • Wildlife Expedition
  • Whale Watching
  • Dog Sledding
  • Reindeer Sledding
  • Inland Expeditions
  • Splitboard Tours


  • Iceland

  • Greenland

  • Arctic

  • Norway

  • Finnland

Multi-day Tours: Finnland

Iceland Tours

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