Fratarica Canyon

Ready for an amazing canyoning adventure? Come and explore the beautiful Fratarica canyon in Slovenia!

Why try canyoning in Fratarica Canyon?

  • Why go canyoning in Fratarica Canyon?

    • Canyoning is an amusing, energetic and unique way to discover the wild nature, since most of the canyons are hidden from the casual glance of normal visitors to Slovenia.
    • This is an extreme water sport, traversing narrow channels, jumping over small waterfalls into crystal clear river pools, sliding on natural chutes and sliding through powerful falls with a rope will require the best from you and give a lifetime adrenaline-boosting adventure experience.

  • What equipment is needed for canyoning?

    • In case you are headed for canyoning in Slovenia, you will need a wet-suite, climbing harness helmet and shoes.
    • You don't need to worry about the equipment, since all the necessary high quality equipment will be provided if you manage your canyoning adventure via experienced guide and/or operator.

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