Bovec & Soča Valley Canyoning 💦

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Which canyoning should I try out?

Canyoning is an amusing, energetic and unique way to discover the wild nature since most of the canyons are hidden from the casual glance of normal visitors to Slovenia. The venues suitable for canyoning are usually hidden narrow gorges in an unspoiled natural environment. The most popular places for canyoning are the Gorges Sušec, Kozjak, and Fratarca in the Soča Valley. Your choice will be determined by only your level of experience.

  • Easy: Susec gorge
  • Med/Easy: Fratarica, Kozjak, Upper Predelica
  • Med: full-length Predelica (only with previous experience)

Hand-picked Package

This is an ideal combination of the two most popular activities: canyoning and rafting. With this package, you can easily organize your day filled with fun. Ideal for families! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Still thinking?

Looking for a full day fun? Don't hesitate too much. This trek is ideal for families who are looking for 2 activities for the same day.

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Canyoning is an easy extreme water sport, traversing narrow channels, jumping over small waterfalls into crystal clear river pools, sliding on natural chutes and sliding through powerful falls with a rope will require the best from you and give a lifetime adrenaline-boosting adventure experience. ✌️

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