Bovec & Soča Valley 🌲

Ready for adventure? Ready for something unique? Half-day and full-day tours around Bovec (in the Soca Valley), ideal for families, couples, and solo travelers.


The „Emerald” Soča is a remarkable river coming from the heart of the Triglav National Park and running down to the Italian Adriatic. The upper part of the river runs through the beautiful Julian Alps and is a magnet for outdoor adventure funs – offering a great amount of river activities (rafting, kayaking, canyoning) and mountain activities (hiking, mountain-biking and skiing).

Undoubtedly one of Slovenia's most beautiful sights and perhaps one of Europe's most beautiful rivers. The impressive turquoise colour of the Soča caused by the limestone in the river. 🌲

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Soca valley is an ideal location for families, couples, and even for solo travelers.

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TOP 5 must-see attractions:

  1. Tolmin Gorge: a beautiful gorge system where the gorges of two rivers (Tolminka & Zadlaščice) meet. There are easy walking tours following the course of the gorge, across various bridges, you can also see the extraordinary natural rock features including the Devil's Bridge, Dante's Cave and the Bear's Head
  2. Krn Lake: Slovenia's highest lake high in the Triglav National Park
  3. Log pod Mangartom: a charming village, from where you can drive up to the Predel border pass past the mighty Mangart Mountain and the precipitous cliff edge village of Strmec
  4. The views from the Kanin Gondola: of the entire Soča Valley, the Slovenian Julian Alps and sometimes you can even see the Adriatic Sea
  5. Most na Soči: a town including a small lake on the Soča River with beautiful views of the Julian Alps and also the starting point for a restored locomotive that runs a number of tourist routes during Summer months.

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