Slovenia has a very diverse cuisine with strong influence from the neighboring countries - Austria, Hungary and Italy. It's actually difficult to find a dish that represents the whole country since the dishes come from 24 gastronomic areas. The saying "the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach" is especially true in Slovenia.

1. Kranjska Klobasa (Carniolan sausage)

This is probably the best known Slovenian food in the world. The name "Kranjska" was first mentioned in 1986 and in 2015 Slovenia entered it into the register of Protected Geographical Indications. The sausage is smoked, and it must contain at least 68% pork, 12% beef, and maximum 20% of bacon. It's typical of Alpine Slovenia, the region of Gorenjska.

2. Potica

Potica is the most traditional Slovenian cake, and its usually served around Easter and Christmas. The cake is made of dough that's filled with various fillings, then rolled to create a spiral inside the pastry. Originally it was filled with walnuts, tarragon, honey and poppy seeds, but now you can try it with more than 80 different flavors (like chocolate, cheese or coconut).

3. Prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurian Layer Cake)

This delicious dessert has layers of poppy seed, apple, walnut and cottage cheese fillings - and it's also a calorie bomb. The cake is also protected by the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed label, which means that it can only be sold if it's made according to the traditional recipe. This cake is typical in Pannonian Slovenia, in the Prekmurje region.

4. Kraški Pršut (Karst Prosciutto)

The Karst Prosciutto is another famous Slovenian food, it's typical mainly of the coastal area and the Karst region. The Prosciutto has a centuries old tradition of salting and drying the pork thigh. It's more of an appetizer, than an actual dish and it goes very well with a glass of Kras Teran (a well-known red wine from the Karst region)

5. Štruklji

Štruklji is a traditional meal made of wheat or buckwheat dough. It has a lot of varieties, it can be served as an individual or a side dish, it can be cooked or baked and stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. The most typical ones are filled with cottage cheese, tarragon, walnuts and poppy seeds.

6. Žganci

A simple and very popular Slovenian farm dish made with buckwheat or corn flour topped with cracknels. It goes very well with milk, sour cream, sausages, cabbage and stews. It's similar to polenta and can be served as an individual or a side dish, based on the toppings.

7. Jota (Yota)

Jota used to be a typical winter dish and it's now available in basically every mountain cottage. The Karst Jota is made from sauerkraut or sour turnips and it always includes potatoes. There is also a Sweet Karst Jota version with mashed potatoes, beans, carrots, spices and vinegar. The Istrian Jota is made with sauerkraut and beans, but is doesn't include the potatoes.

8. Močnik

Močnik is a type of Slovenian porridge. They are made from different types of flour, like buckwheat, corn, wheat, millet, rye, or oats and it can be cooked in milk, cream, or sour cream. In some regions, they stir it into a clear soup.

9. Prežganka (»Prežgana župa«)

The brown colour of the Prežganka soup comes from browning the flour in oil or butter. After that, you have to add water and season the soup. Once it boils, beaten eggs are added to the soup. It's a typical dish of the coastal areas, around Trieste.

10. Štefani Pečenka

Štefani Pečenka is a classical Slovenian food, which is especially popular around certain holidays (like Easter). It's a meat loaf with hard boiled eggs inside.

11. Bled cream cake

The Bled cream cake is the symbol of Bled's cuisine. The cake has a delicious vanilla cream layer, topped with whipped cream and a crispy puff pastry. Last but not least, it's covered in a thick layer of icing sugar. Amazing harmony of the flavors, it's a must-try delicacy if you are in Bled.

12. Trojane doughnut

The village Trojane became famous thanks to Gostilna Trojane. It's a restaurant, café, cake shop, but it's mostly known for its Trojane doughnuts. The classic doughnut is filled with apricot jam, but you can try other variations as well (e.g. chocolate or vanilla). The doughnuts are huge, so make sure you arrive hungry. And of course: they are best when they are still warm!

13. Bograč

Bograč is influenced by the neighboring Hungary's famous dish, goulash. The soup has three kinds of meat combined (pork, beef and game), mixed with potatoes, paprika and wine. There is even a festival held every year - called Bogračijada, where professional and amateur cooks compete to see who can make the best Bograč.

14. Idrijski žlikrofi

Idrijski žlikrofi is a traditional dumping, that originates from the town Idrija. The small dough pockets are filled with potatoes, ham, spices and zaseka (minced and seasoned pork fat). They can be served as an individual dish with butter and cheese or with different types of stews.

15. Soška postrv

The Soča river offers a great place for various water sports, but it's also home to the Soča trout. Even though the fish is a local delicacy, it's endangered and protected because of it. Fishing for trout is strictly restricted, so it's better to leave it to the professionals. Head to any restaurant near the river and try the trout roasted, grilled or fried in buckwheat or corn coat.