Everyone can be familiar with the name Tyrol, as this area is perhaps one of Europe’s most famous region. The province, split between Austria and Italy is a citadel for skiing, while in summer, those looking for an active rest are crossing it to go on hiking tours to the Alps. Although families with children do not attack mountain peaks, they can still enjoy a gorge tour, rafting, or a hike in the valleys of Tyrol.

After we have written many articles about the area - Tyrol’s most charming gorges, Lake Braies, Castles of Tyrol worth visiting with children, and the Innsbruck Bikepark; it was time to introduce Tyrol to you in detail.

The region got its name after the counties of Tyrol, who were originated from the town of Tyrol (today Tirolo). The area existed in its entirety until 1919, after it was divided during the Peace of Saint-Germain –en-Laye, and the southern part was annexed by Italy.

Tyrol Vienna distance

You can drive on a highway all along between Vienna and Tyrol, so in about 5 - 7 hours you can reach Innsbruck by car.

  • Distance from Vienna: ~ 500 km / approx. 6h
Tyrol Budapest distance - map

Map of Tyrol

Tyrol can be found under various names on the map. In german it is called Tirol, in english Tyrol, and in italian they call it Tirolo. ⚠️

  • North and East Tyrol (yellow) - Austria
  • South Tyrol (blue) - Italy
  • Trentino (green) - Italy
Map of Tyrol / Austria and Italy
„Big Tyrol” map – Austria and Italy

Tyrol – Austria

  • North Tyrol (Nordtirol)
  • East Tyrol (Osttirol)

Together, the two area makes the Austrian province of Tyrol, which is one of the 9 provinces in the country. Its capital is Innsbruck.

Austria - Map of Tyrol (Tyrol and East Tyrol) - red

In the Austrian Tyrol, you can find 9 provinces

  • Innsbruck
  • Innbruck-Land
  • Landeck
  • Reutte
  • Imst
  • Schwaz
  • Kufstein
  • Kitzbühel
  • Lienz (East Tyrol)
Provinces of Tyrol – a total of 9 provinces belong to Tyrol today

Tyrol - Italy

  • South Tyrol (Südtirol/ Alto Adige /Bolzano province)
  • Trentino (Trento province, previously called Welschtirol in Austria)

The today autonomous province of Trentino-Alto Adige belongs to Italy. After the annexation, South Tyrol was annexed to Trentino and was renamed to Trentino Alto-Adige.

Italy, map of Tyrol (South Tyrol and Trentino)

Trentino Alto Adige is the northernmost province of Italy, and the second largest with its area of 7,400 square kilometers. Its center is Bolzano, which is also the most-populated city of the province.

Point of interest: With its independence, the Trentino Alto-Adige area is considered as Italy’s richest region and is a prominent place in the European Union.

There are a total of 8 districts in South Tyrol and Trentino.

In the common language, when someone refers to Tyrol, they usually refer to the region of North Tyrol in Austria. They usually highlight, when someone talks about East Tyrol or the „Italian Tyrol”. 🤔

Tip: If you are interested in the maps of Austria, you can read one of our summary articles on 7 useful maps of Austria in which among others, you will find more information about the provinces.

The Alps

Tyrol lies entirely in the Alps, thus the view is defined by the peaks of the mountains. One of the most well-known peaks is the Grossglockner, but there are also higher points in Tyrol.

  • Ortler: 3905m
  • Gran Zebru: 3851m
  • Grossglockner: 3798m
  • Monte Cevedale: 3769m
  • Wildspitze: 3768m
Map of The Alps

Population of Tyrol

Tyrol has 3 major rivers: Inn, Adige, and the Drava. Two valleys they have formed, are the most well-known and the most populous:

  • Inn Valley
  • Adige Valley

A significant portion of the population lives in the Inn and Adige Valleys.

Most populous towns

  • Innsbruck (Austrian side)
  • Bolzano
  • Trento
  • Merano
  • Rovereto

Map of Tyrol – Highway

Tyrol has always played a major role in shipping between the italian, german and the Austrian territories. That is the reason why the highway system is established well and is busy.

You can find two maps down below, showing the highway route through North and East Tyrol.

Map of Tyrol – Ski regions and ski slopes

If you take a look at the map below, you can see immediately, that Tyro, is full of ski slopes. Not only there are many slopes on the countryside, but the modern and huge slopes are considered as the citadel of Austrian skiing.

Map of Tyrol: ski slopes in East and North Tyrol

Tyrol - Top attractions and things to do

Be it the italian or the Austrian side, Tyrol is full of better and better outdoor programmes. We have recently started our Tyrolean series of articles in which we offer more infos about the attractions, tours, excursions, programmes, and accommodations. 👍 🔥