If you rather go on an active holiday or would like to make your sightseeing trip a little more adventurous, we have some great news for you: you can do all this in Slovenia! From water sports through caving to paragliding there are lots of options to try in beautiful surroundings. Sounds interesting? We think so too! Read this post to find out more about the must-have adventures in Slovenia.


Rafting is one of the most popular extreme sports in Slovenia - with good reasons. Rafting in the crystal clear water of Soca and Sava river is a very unique and scenic experience. The rafting boats can fit 4-12 people and rowing require a fully coordinated team work so the sport is also a great option for team buildings.

Rafting Slovenia
Rafting in Soca River│© shamwari /Flickr

Families, couples and more adventurous travelers can all find the perfect option for a rafting tour in Bovec (also known as the adventure tourism capital of Slovenia).


As the melting snow tried to find its way down the Slovenian mountains over the years, beautiful tunnels, chambers and dripstones have been formed. The largest and best known caves in Slovenia are the Škocjana Cave and the Postojna Cave - the only cave where the underground parts can be approached in an electric mini train.

Slovenia caving
Srnica cave │Aktivni Planet

Cave lovers can also discover several smaller caves, often only known by locals. During the cave tour, participants can see hidden treasures, dripstone figures and inner lakes.


The kayak was first used by Eskimo, Aleut and Ainu hunters to hunt for seals and fish. Although kayaking is now known as a sport, the term "Eskimo roll" still refers to the history of the sport. Eskimo roll is the safest way to recover yourself in case the boat turns upside down, so it's quite important to learn this trick.

Kayaking in Slovenia
Kayaking on the river Sava Bohinjka │Sport4fun

Slovenia offers a great deal of kayaking programs as well. If you would like to learn the basics you can attend "Kayak schools" which can last from one hour to five days. More experienced kayakers or brave beginners can also go on a kayak trip on the emerald water of Soca River with beautiful sights of the Julian Alps.


SUP (or stand up paddle) boarding is a kind of surfing where you stand on the SUP board and use a paddle to propel yourself through the water. Besides going on tours you can use the SUP board for cardio training, yoga and even fishing. It's quite easy to learn stand up paddle boarding, no previous experience is needed.

SUP Bled Slovenia
SUP in Lake Bled │SUPBled

The hardest part is to learn how to stand on the board but after a few minutes of practice you will get the hang of it. The paddling part is very easy so after this point you can just relax and enjoy the view. And whether you visit Lake Bohinj or Lake Bled, there will be plenty of attractions to discover.


A zipline is a steel wire that connects two points. With the right equipment you can slide from one point to the other. On the longest ziplines you can reach up to 100 km/hours speed.

Zipline Bovec Slovenia><figcaption><a href=Zipline Bovec │Aktivni Planet

The biggest zipline park in Slovenia can be found above Bovec, in the Krnica valley between two mountains over 2000 meters high. The adrenaline rush and the marvelous sight of Bovec and the Julian Alps will definitely take your breath away. You can fly five times, the overall length of the path is more than 4,5 km.

If you are interested in the adventurous things to do in Bled, you should try the Zipline Dolinka Park. Here you can slide in 7 different wires, which are all in all around 4 km long. The wires cross the Dolinka River multiple times and the Mount Triglav can also be seen from the park.


During Canyoning, you will walk down in water filled gorges, facing different types of challenges with different levels of difficulty. These can include cliff jumping, swimming, sliding down chutes and climbing down on rocks or waterfalls.

Canyoning Slovenia
Canyoning in Predelnica │Aktivni Planet

Of course the equipment is provided, you will only need a bathing suite under the neoprene clothes. Whether you are looking for canyoning tours suitable for beginners or more advanced trips, there are plenty of options for both in Slovenia.


Once you have tried white water rafting and you seek more adventure and thrill, hydrospeeding will be the perfect option for you. You will ride a torso-length board filled with air through the waves of the river, wearing a life jacket, a helmet and neoprene clothes for your safety.

Hydrospeeding in Slovéniában
Hydrospeeding in Slovenia │Alpicenter

You will have to swim all the way during hydrospeeding, otherwise you will only drift with the tide. Because of this, hydrospeeding requires a lot of strength. So if you would like to test your strength you can also try hydrospeeding on the Soca River in Slovenia.

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