Even the most significant rivers start small — many of them in the mountains. In the Alps, we call them Alpine streams. Water and mountains are inseparable companions. Almost nowhere in the world, you find mountains without water. Many of us attracted by mountains, cliffs, or hills - not surprising that water like Soca river, attracts thousands of tourist every year.

Adventure lovers continuously seeking to find rivers, streams, waterfalls, pools, and lakes. We happily add some extra miles to our route just to spot a stream or a waterfall - or any water related attractions. Most of the mountain trails go to the peak, or to a water attraction. This is the same with Triglav National Park in Slovenia, and its most famous alpine river: Soca.

I'm sure; you will agree with me if I say that hiking in the European Alps is a great getaway for everyone full of jaw-dropping moments. What if I suggest you take a hike along one of the Alpine streams? You won't hesitate to do so, right?

Why is it unique?

Soca, like a mountain river (as such Alpine stream), is more diverse than all other inland waters. It can change its character and appearance. Once you step through its tiny stream, an hour later you find yourself next to it again as a lake or waterfall. You are guessing if it's still the Soca river or not. Something is exciting about the beauty of its diversification.

Even mountain streams take it easy sometimes. Where the geography of the land permits, they form beautiful lakes. The water here is often the most precise and cleanest because the streams have not travelled far yet and not picked up the many dirt and pollution.

But their life isn't that easy always. Sometimes they have to find a new way of transforming themselves into more streams or waterfalls.
Also, don't forget that without these vivid streams, there wouldn't be either forest nor woodland creatures to fill the Alps with life.

Visiting Soca River from Spring

As spring comes, things start to move again… Green is beginning to show again, life is coming back.

The rising temperature not only reveals numerous natural beauties, but they also provide the streams with plenty of water input. They fed by meltwater from all sides, and now it's clear why are they called white water.

Around April, Soca gathers its full size back. From this point, water sports enthusiasts come to Triglav National Park to try out new ways of fun each day.

Slovenia is one of the most adventure-heavy countries in Europe, Triglav National Park is the number one destination of families, friends, and couples.
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What activities can you do?

Soca is one of the most diversified rivers in Triglav National Park. Due to its varied landscape, you can try out any day activity of your choice.

Most of the local tourism providers centralized in Bovec, which is the heart of Triglav National Park. From here, providers take you to the best-suited part of the Soca river. I counted how many activities I could try out within a short holiday, and I was surprised. In total, I can try out 12 activities.  These are kayaking, rafting, canyoning, SUP, hiking, biking, ziplining, caving, paragliding, mountaineering, and rock climbing.

Sounds great, right?

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