Kaprun offers many fabulous sights and natural treasures for anyone visiting the neighborhood. The area, which functions as a ski paradise in winter, is a real excursion and hiking paradise in summer. A lot is happening, families and couples come and go between the parks, lakes and gorges. One of the top attractions in summer are the gorges, so in this article we present Kaprun's most popular gorge, the Sigmund Thun Gorge.

The fierce glacial river that makes its way through the rock gorge, overcomes the obstacles in front of it for 320 meters. Meanwhile, the water swirls tiny vortices in the gorge, and pushes itself to the limestone wall with a loud bang. The gorge itself is 32 meters deep, so it can be explored with a slight fear of heights.

In the gorge you will find your way on non-slip planks and wooden paths. Coming out of the gorge you can admire a lake.

The Sigmund Thun gorge is not only one of the most beautiful gorges in the province of Salzburg, but it is also one of the jewels of the Hohe Tauern National Park. 😉🌲

Where is the gorge?

You will find the gorge in the Kaprun Valley, in Austria - on the border of the Hhe Tauern. The center of Kaprun is a 5-minute drive away. You will find a parking lot in front of the gorge where you can leave your car.

  • Address: Sigmund Thun Klamm, Krafthausstrasse 20/5710 Kaprun
  • Distance from Kaprun: 5 km / 5 minutes by car
  • Distance from Salzburg: 100 km / 1.5 hours
Kaprun - Sigmund Thun Gorge
Kaprun - Sigmund Thun Gorge

History of the gorge

The area was inhabited by settlers as early as 4,000 years ago who put their roots down on the nearby Burgkogel hillside. The area around the gorge was chosen on one hand because the countryside was rich in ore, and on the other hand because the hillside (located in the Kaprun Valley) could only be approached through the gorges and therefore it was well protected.

Later, the river was used to transport timber in the gorge, as the area was – and still is- a significant logging area to this day. 🌲🌲

The gorge could be visited early, in 1893, thanks to Nikolaus Gassner, who built a lodge and a wooden bridge in the gorge.

The gorge was visited by Salzburg nobleman Sigmund Earl of Thun, who was completely taken off his feet by the wildly romantic sight of the gorge. The place was later named after him.

In 1934, the gorge was named a natural treasure, yet in 1938 it closed.

The gorge was closed until 1992, when the city of Kaprun decided in 1991 to renew the old route and reopen the gorge.

Opening hours

The gorge is closed in winters, and it keeps changing, when it opens. In general, it is not likely to open before mid-April. In 2021, the gorge will open on May 7. Unfortunately, if you are skiing in Kaprun in the winter, you will not be able to see the gorge.

In summer, the gorge is open every day.


The prices of the gorge can be said to be cheap in Austria. Prices can of course change, but let's see how much the entrance fee will cost in 2021:

  • Adult ticket: 6 euros
  • Child ticket: 4 euros
  • Under the age of 6: free
  • Weather in the gorge

    Remember that the gorge is on average 5 degrees cooler than its surroundings. In the summer, it is worth to bring a sweater, or a thinner coat – maybe even closed shoes and socks to change from your flip-flops.

    Is the gorge access-free? ♿

    No, unfortunately you cannot walk around the gorge in a wheelchair or stroller.

    Is the gorge dog friendly? 🐶

    Yes, you can take your dog here. Use of a muzzle is mandatory.

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    Have a nice trip! 🌲