Lake Bled is the symbol of not just the city of Bled but of Slovenia as a whole. The island in the middle of Lake Bled is like a jewel, and the church standing on it attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are countless attractions hidden by the lake that you may not have heard of or not know that it is near Bled.

Neither the city nor the lake ever sleeps, as almost all of the natural treasures and attractions that enclose the lake and the surrounding area are accessible all year round.

We have summarized for you the most interesting sights, the most beautiful natural treasures, and the best programs. So let’s see what treasures are hidden for in at Lake Bled, Bled and their surroundings. 🌲❤️

Top sights around lake Bled - Table of contents

  • Bled island and church
  • Bled castle (Cremeschnitte)
  • Bled viewpoint (Ojstrica)
  • Vintgar gorge
  • Family rafting
  • Ziplining
  • SUP rental
  • Electric cycling
  • Mostnica gorge
  • Vogel mountain hike (with Vogel cable car)
  • Family canyoning
  • Pericnik waterfall
  • Pokljuka gorge
  • Zelenci Nature Reserve
  • Underground kayaking
  • Ending: Technical information: travelling to Bled, accommodation, information office

Bled Accommodation

There are numerous campsites, hotels, and apartments around Lake Bled. Whether you are staying in Bled, or a nearby village, has a lot of great options and deals.

#1 Bled Island, Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary

Church of Mother of God / Blejski otok

If we think about it more, it is not actually Lake Bled but rather the tiny island on it that has become the symbol of Slovenia.

The Church of Mother of God was built for St. Mary and is one of the buildings with a historical past on the island that is definitely worth a visit.

Island of Bled with the church
Island of Bled with the church

When you walk around Lake Bled, you can often hear the bells. The sounds come from the island, from the bell tower. Several legends and rumours are known about the bell. In one version, if the bell is ringing, you have to wish, while according to other sources, if the bell is rung three times, your wish will be fulfilled. One thing is for sure, if you hear the bell, wish for something! 🙏 😉

At one end of the island is the island’s second landmark, the huge staircase renovated in 2005 (the first is the church).

The Poticnica restaurant offers a traditional "potica", a kind of sweet brioche, to those who got hungry during their island visit. Potica is available in different flavours. If you go for it, try the walnut version, which is the most popular.

It takes about 2 hours to explore the island. Since the island of Bled is quite small, you will not spend too much time on the island.

Dogs are not allowed on the island unfortunately, and the island does not have complete wheelchair access. 🐶

Bled island church prices

  • Adults: 6 euro
  • Student: 4 euro
  • Child: 1 euro
  • Family ticket: 12 euro

You can find more information about the sights on Bled island on their website. You can get to the island via boats (pletna).

The island of Bled is open to visitors every day. The exception to this is if the lake is frozen or the weather is very extreme.

The island opens at 9am every day and when it closes depends on the month. The longest opening hours are during summer months.

  • November – March: 9am – 4pm
  • April: 9am – 6pm
  • May – September: 9am – 7pm
  • October: 9am – 6pm

#2 Bled Castle

A charming castle watches over Lake Bled just above town, which is known as Bled Castle or Blejski grad. The view from the castle is unique for both Lake Bled and the surrounding area. If you have time, be sure to visit here.

Bled Castle above Lake Bled
Bled Castle above Lake Bled

The museum in the castle is particularly interesting, you can visit a smithy, a room used for an old printing house, as well as a small chapel. Throughout the year, but especially in the summer months, the castle provides a venue for various interesting events.


Grajska cesta, 4260 Bled, Slovenia Google Maps

Opening hours

Various (8 am – 6 or 8 pm)


  • Adult entry fee: €11
  • Children entry fee: €7
  • Children entry fee: €5


You can find the Bled Castle website here.

Our tip: While in Bled, you cannot miss out on trying Cremeschnitte, a local sweet pastry specialty. In Slovenian, they call this treat Kremna Rezina.

Slovenia and Lake Bled are both famous for their fabulous countryside and plenty of recreational opportunities. Therefore, the additional sights in our post will all be outdoor programs. 😉

#3 Bled Viewpoint: Ojstrica

You can probably see most photos of Lake Bled from here. The lookout point, once known and visited only by locals, is now known to most tourists. In addition to Ojstrica, Mala Osojnica also rises on the western side of the lake.

Bled lookout point
Lookout point above Bled

The hiking trails starting from here are not particularly exhausting. It can be an ideal choice for those who come to Lake Bled with children and want to go hiking in the nearby forest.

The road to the lookout point is about 20 minutes and it is moderately steep. Once you reach the peak, you no longer have to expect a big rise in level. Ojstrica is 611 meters above sea level. On the Google map you will find the bench lookout point here.

When touring the hiking trail, don’t forget to look back, as a stunning sight unfolds before your eyes, which includes Lake Bled as well as the surrounding mountains (Karavanke) and forests. Watch the sunset from here and see Bled castle and Bled island.

⚡⚡ Our tip: Do not miss the lookout point in winter and autumn either! The view of the snow-covered countryside, or the play of autumn colours, is perhaps even more beautiful than in summer.

#4 Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is one of the most romantic gorges in Europe. The gorge formed by the river Radovna is located less than 5 km northeast of Bled.

Bled attractions - Vintgar gorge
Vintgar gorge, 5 km from Bled

The 1.6 km long crevice runs along the vertical walls of Hom and Borst, dazzling visitors with its swift stream, waterfalls, vortices and wild waves. You can also find here the waterfall of the river Sum, which is 13 meters tall.

The hiking trail leads through the gorge and you cross countless wooden boards and wooden bridges. The Vintgar rift is the nearest entry point to the Triglav National Park from Bled. The word Vintgar itself probably comes from the German word “Weingarten,” which means vine arbor.

However, there are those who believe that the gorge is in the shape of a wine glass and that is why it got its name.

⚡⚡ Our tip: You should go to Vintgar gorge early in the morning or arrive 1.5 to 2 hours before closing to avoid the crowds. In summer, the gates of the gorge open at 7 am, and in the evening it can be visited until 7 pm.

Route on Google maps

#5 Family Rafting

The river Sava almost cuts Slovenia in half. Slovenia's longest river is connected by two sources. The Sava River is one of the best places for the first rafting experience of your life. At first it may sound bold, but rafting is safer than kayaking, for example. That’s why rafting is recommended from the age of 6 already.

Things to do near Bled - rafting
Try out rafting near Bled

The rafting tours start not far from Bled, you only have to travel a few minutes by car.

If you love extreme sports, be sure to try white water rafting with your partner or family. It certainly provides a unique experience.

Find all the rafting tours here. ❤️

#6 Ziplining in Bled

You will have an adventure park-like experience if you try the Bled zipline course. Like rafting, the ropeway is not only a real kid-friendly program, but also a pleasant adrenaline bomb for every member of the family. From the age of 6, children can participate in the program by sliding with their parents or instructors! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

zipline bled
Zipline Bled

The 2-3-hour zipline program is roughly 60 euros per person (cheaper for kids) and is open every day of the year, even in winter! On the ropes you will spend about an hour, the rest of the time walking between the ropes, as well as tutorial at the beginning, and a shuttle.

The tour is only available in English or Slovenian. You can only enter the rope park with a guide (usually 2-3 guides / group). Admission must be booked in advance but has to be paid for on site only.

Find all the Bled ziplining tours here. ❤️

#7 Bohinj Lae

Not too far from Lake Bled, there is an enchanted lake - called Bohinj. Lake Bohinj offers several water activities. In addition to boat rental and kayaking, our favourite is the SUP, or Stand Up Paddle, which is very popular in the area.

Bled attractions - Lake Bohinj
Summer life on the Bohinj lake (around Bled)

Like going around on a boat, you can sunbathe, paddle, or even do yoga on a surf-like SUP! 🧘‍♂️

⚠️ You can book a 2-hour guided SUP 👉 here. The price of the two-hour program is about €30 per person.

It is advisable to book your SUPs 3-4 days before your trip as they are very popular so tourists might book them all.

#8 Bled bike hire, Bled bike tour

If you want to explore the hidden treasures of the area not only on foot but also by bike, rent a bike or pay for a guided tour. Most local guides already offer tours by electric bike, so you can get to know the area of Bled much more comfortably and quickly.

Bled bike hire, Bike tour
Discover the surrounding of Bled by e-Bike

If you just want to cycle around the lake, you don’t need a local guide. You can rent bicycles in Bled. However, if you want to wind your way around gorges, hills or in the woods around Bled, we recommend that you hire a local guide who will organize the whole trip for you.

The two most popular destinations around Bled are the romantic countryside of the Mostnica Gorge (see below) and the Lake District of the Triglav National Park. Both are about a 1-hour drive from Bled, but there are tour guides who also offer transfers from the city, so you don’t have to drive.

👉 Bike tours can be found here.

Electric bike tours

  • From Bohinj (30 minutes from Bled) -> to the Mostnica gorge / approx. €65 / about 6 hours
  • From Bled -> to Triglav National Park / approx. €65 / about 8 hours

#9 Mostnica Gorge

Mostnica gorge is a tiny, charming crevice, about 45 minutes from Bled. Although the gorge is really a bit far from Bled, it is still on our top list for its beauty.

Here we can really feel like we are cutting through untouched landscapes. Compared to Vintgar gorge, this tour is more romantic, secluded as it is surrounded by a dense forest. Recommended for those who want peace and quiet. The gorge can be traversed on both sides of the river.

  • Length of the trip: 3.6 km (short version)
  • Duration of the trip: 1.5 hours
  • Level difference: 90 meters up, the same amount down
  • Admission is €3 for adults and €1.50 for children.

The starting point of the tour is Stara Fužina, the parking lot in front of the barrier of the toll road leading to the Blato plateau.

Address: Mostnica, Stara Fuzina, Slovenia [Google Maps]

#10 Vogel Mountain and Cable car

If you want to rise reach the clouds, go up the Vogel Mountain. If you don’t want to do all this on your own, choose the Vogel cable car, which takes you up to 1,535 meters.

For lovers of alpine sightseeing, we definitely recommend the program, which is less than a 30-minute drive away. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and excursions here, and if you just want to relax, you can also spend a lovely picnic here with a good book. Ideal daily program for mountain lovers.

  • Distance from Bled: 30 minutes by car (above Lake Bohinj)
  • Address: Ukanc 6, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia (Google Maps)
  • Website: Vogel cable car official site

The Vogel is not only famous for its alpine atmosphere, it is well known to skiers, as it acts as a ski paradise in winter.

⚡⚡Our tip: If you are already coming to Vogel, you should also visit Bohinj. The popular glacier lake is the starting point for many hiking trails, just like Lake Bled, where you can go out on a boat, do SUP riding and cycling.

#11 Family Canyoning

One of the most popular activity in Slovenia is canyoning (besides rafting). The sport, originally from America, can now be practiced by novice tourists in the designated canyons.

Family canyoning near Bled
Family canyoning near Bled - not only for families

The essence of canyoning is trying progress in (wet) gorges. This is mostly done by walking, jumping, descending, sliding or even swimming. All this, of course, should be done in a helmet, neoprene clothing, secured ropes and only with a professional guide.

You can choose from several canyon tours near Bled! Older children (10-12 years old) can also join the program. For smaller children, we recommend rafting or the ropeway.

Family friendly canyoning tours

But of course not only for families...

👉 You can find them here and you can book them here as well. Online booking is required at least 2-3 days in advance, payment in most cases is available on site.

#12 Pericnik Waterfall

With a height of 52 m, Peričnik Waterfall is one of the highest and best-known waterfalls in Slovenia. The waterfall in the Vrata Valley consists of two waterfalls.

  • Upper Pericnik waterfall: 16 meters
  • Lower Pericnik waterfall: 52 meters
Pericnik waterfall near Bled
Pericnik waterfall near Bled

A designated hiking trail from Mojstrana leads to the site. It’s good to know that you can go behind the Lower Pericnik waterfall, walking around the cascade – a wonderful and exciting experience!

  • Address: 4281 Mojstrana, Slovenia (Google Maps)
  • Distance from Bled: appr. 30 minutes
  • Parking: €3
  • Hike: appr. 15 minutes
  • Difficulty: 2/5

Pericnik waterfall hiking trail

Head to the town of Mojstrana, from where the tour will start. 4 km from the town you will find the chalet Koca pri Pericniku, where you can park. The huge waterfall can already be seen from the parking lot. Before you leave, don’t forget to pay the parking fee in the chalet. You will be asked for about 3-4 euros for parking. Have cash with you too.

The hiking trail will start next to the wooden bridge. You will reach the waterfall in about 15-20 minutes and the first half of the tour will go up a steep path. By the time you notice it, you’ve already arrived at the waterfall. The road is hard to spoil as you will see the waterfall.

On a small path we can completely go behind the waterfall and on the other side we can come back to the road. You’re sure to get wet behind the waterfall, so get ready with a sweater or raincoat.

If you want to, you can go further from here to the rock wall of the Triglav mountain and the Aljažev dom (1015 m) shelter. This is roughly a 5.5 kilometre hike. Continuing the hike by the waterfall (for about 5 kilometres) we get out into a larger parking lot. Passing through the car park, there is only a few minutes of walking left. Of course, the tour can be left out if you go back and drive to the said car park.

#13 Pokljuka Gorge

The Pokljuka Gorge is only 15 minutes (8 km) from Bled. The hiking trail in the gorge is famous for its windowed cave and panoramic bridge. Both attractions are worth a visit here and take a half-day walk.

The most famous passable tunnel in the Pokljuka Gorge is the huge cave cavity called the Pokljuka Hole. In addition to the two entrances, the hole also has three natural windows, making the rock formation interesting as well.

The wooden bridge, called the ‘Galleries of Prince Andrew’, is attached to one of the rock walls of the gorge. You can go through the gallery, and even the route takes you here.

  • Address: 4247 Zgornje Gorje, Slovenia (Google Maps)
  • Distance from Bled: 8 km, around 15 minutes by car

#14 Zelenci Nature Reserve

Zelenci Nature Reserve is a part of Kranjska Gora. Located near the village of Podkoren, this charming reserve is famous for its iconic lake district, reknown throughout Europe. The colour of the water, which is on average 2 meters deep, is green, hence its name (Zelenci means green in Slovenian).

Zelenci reserve, Slovenia
Zelenci reserve, Slovenia 

It is also an easy excursion destination for families and seniors as the national park is located on flat terrain. About 30 minutes by car from Lake Bled on the E61 road.

  • Address: Podkoren 75, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia (Google Maps)
  • Distance from Bled: 42 km / around 35 minutes by car
  • Website

#15 Mezica Mine: Underground Kayaking

A rare and unique experience is the kayak tour of the Mezica mine. Surprisingly, inside the mine, which is about a 1.5-hour drive from Bled, there is a possibility of cave kayaking - of course only on a guided tour.

As part of the program, you will be taken from Bled to the Mezica Cave and mine by transfer. The mine now only operates as a museum. Here you have the opportunity to try out the train used in the mine, see the exhibition and kayak in the canals. It should be noted that the museum is closed on Mondays.

The full day program with a guide and transfer from Bled is about 100 euros per person. Unfortunately, the program is not one of the cheapest programs, you can also get 3 rafting or canyoning tours from this price. Therefore, we recommend the program to those who have already tried other sports and want to try something new.

The tour is only available in English and Slovenian. You can book the program here: 👉 Underground kayaking ❤️

Lake Bled Weather

Lake Bled and its surroundings are relatively warm in the summer months. You can swim in the lake and almost all the attractions visited by tourists are open. Expect shorter stormy days to occur.

In the autumn months, the temperature is pleasant, and the colour of the autumn leaves is beautiful. Snow can also be found on the mountain tops, although snowfalls have become less frequent in and around the city in recent years. The number of tourists is less than in the summer months.

Bled Information Center

For your stay in Bled, save the address of the info center. If you get stuck during your time there, it may come in handy to clarify the details.

  • Info center address: Cesta svobode 10, SI - 4260 Bled
  • Phone number: +386 (0) 4 574 11 22
  • Email address:
  • Opening hours: every day from 8 am to 4 pm

We hope you find programs and attractions around Lake Bled from our post. Tell us where you went, what you tried.

We wish you a safe trip and a fun hike! 😉👍🌲