The diverse landscapes of Slovenia combined with the natural and cultural sights of the country provides an amazing atmosphere for a biking holiday. You can choose from numerous cycling trails, so you will surely find a suitable one for you. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced biker or if you are travelling with kids, there is a perfect option for you. Check out these 5 amazing trails and discover the wonders of Slovenia on a bike.


Bike along the former railway between Trieste and Porec and explore the Slovenian, Italian and Croatian coast on two wheels.

Parenzana biking trail
Canal Grande in Trieste

The overall distance is 130 km and it should take you about 10 hours. You could actually do it in one day, but we would advise you not to rush through it. Visit the charming Mediterranean towns, take a swim in the sea, enjoy the amazing landscapes and natural sights and explore local delicacies.

The trail is not that demanding, so it’s a perfect choice for families as well. It’s best to bike along Parenzana in 2-5 days. You can choose an active weekend or a longer, more relaxing holiday with a lot of sightseeing. Alternatively, you can choose only shorter parts, which are close to your accommodation.

Slovenian coast cycling
Take a swim in the Adriatic Sea in Izola

You don’t have to worry about getting bored even if you decide on the longer version. The lovely Slovenian and Croatian coastal towns – Koper, Izola, Piran, Umag, Novigrad and Porec – are all worth a visit. As for natural sights, check the Škocjanski zatok nature reserve, the Forma Viva stone sculpture collection or the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park.

For the detailed daily schedules, check out the official site of the Parenzana trail.

Soča Valley

The trail will take you from the Julian Alps through the picturesque Soča Valley to Bovec - the adventure capital of Slovenia. Start from Kranjska Gora and bike past Lake Jasna towards the Vršič Pass. You can also stop at Lake Jasna to look around, it’s worth a quick visit. The Vršič Pass is located at 1611 m in the Julian Alps and the road offers spectacular views over the peaks. After the Pass, the downhill part will take you to the Trenta Valley – another amazingly beautiful place in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

Soca Valley cycling
Bike over the beautiful Soca River

The route will follow the Soča River till Bovec. Soča is considered by many to be the most beautiful European river. The emerald green colour of the water and the fascinating mountains are surely an incredible sight. The whole trip will probably take a day - especially with all the photo stops. The next day, you can explore the idyllic area and try some of the many adventures that Bovec offers. Go ziplining, canyoning, rafting or try paragliding – whatever you choose, you will not regret it later.

Bela Krajina

The diverse countryside of Bela Krajina offers a huge variety of cycling trails. You can choose a shorter circular route (suitable for beginners or families) or go for a very challenging trip if you are up for it. Cycle among white birches and vineyards and stop for a swim in the warm Kolpa River during the hot summer months.

Lahinja Nature Park Slovenia
Lahinja National Park in Bela Krajina

The Lebica-Krupa cycling path is an easy and pleasant ride with many natural and cultural attractions. The route starts in the cultural centre of Semič, where you can check the Local Museum Collection, the courthouse and the St. Stephen Church. Then it continues through Vinji Vrh to Krupa, where you can find the the source of the Krupa River. In terms of water stage, this is the largest source in Bela Krajina. The water comes to the surface under a 30 meters high rock wall.

Krupa River source
Source of the Krupa River

You can then bike along the Krupa River a bit in the shallow karst area. The river source and the riverbank are both super photogenic, so spend some time exploring the beautiful area. Finish your trip on the Vinji Vrh – Brstovec – Trebnji Vrh – Semič route. The whole trip should take you about 3 hours.

Find more cool biking trails on the official tourist website of Bela Krajina.

Drava cycling route

The Drava Cycling Route runs through four countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia) and its total length is more than 700 kilometres. The route begins in Toblach in Italy right at the source of the Drava River. Then it continues through Austria and Slovenia and finally Croatia (although the route here is not yet fully finished and marked). The cycling route crosses the Slovenian border at Vič and continues for 145 kilometres before crossing the Croatian border at Središče ob Dravi.

Drava cycling route

The Slovenian part of the trail runs mostly along less traveled local roads and for some stretches along arranged cycling paths and tracks. The different types of road surfaces and a demanding climb between Podvelka and Lovrenc na Pohorju make the Slovenian route perfect for more experienced bikers. It’s also advised to use trekking or mountain bikes. If you would like to avoid the climb, you could catch a train from Podvelka to Fala.

The well-prepared cyclists can finish the Slovenian part of the Drava biking trail in two days. On the first day bike from Dravograd to Maribor (68 km distance) and the second day continue from Maribor to Ormož (58 km distance).

Maribor cycling trails
Sunset at the green hills of Maribor

The 3-4-day trip is perfect for recreational cyclists. If you would like to experience the atmosphere of the cities a bit more and enjoy the view on your way there, choose this option. On your first day, when cycling from Dravograd to Maribor, catch the train between Podvelka and Fala. This way, you will only have to bike 52 km. If you find this a bit too much, you can make a stop at Radlje ob Dravi and go to Maribor the next day (with the train from Podvelka to Fala). If you are a fan of good wines, visit the Old Vine House in Maribor, where the oldest fruit-bearing vine grows and try some delicious Slovenian wine.

Ptuj Slovenia
Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian city

The next day, after you had the chance to roam the streets of Maribor, continue your trip to Ptuj. Ptuj is the oldest Slovenian city and it’s truly a hidden gem. Make sure to visit the castle, when wandering around the old town. For the last day, continue to Ormož (28 km distance).

For the detailed daily schedules, you can check out the official Drava Bike site.

Solčava Panoramic Road

On this extremely picturesque trail, you can explore the natural, cultural and ethnological heritage of the Solčava region. The peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the green fields of Logar Valley offer a very unique experience all the way through the Solčava Panoramic Road. The trail is perfect for biking and hiking, but you can also travel there by motorcycle or car.

Logar Valley Slovenia
The beautiful greens of the Logar Valley

The whole length of the trail is 37 km, but for a shorter day trip you can choose to bike only the central part of the route (21 km, marked with green on the map below). Only in this section, you can spot 12 interesting attractions. The ancient mountain village of Solčava, a mineral water spring, the viewpoint and tourist farm on Klemenče (spectacular views!), the Lamotje Gorge and the Logar Valley – just to name a few. If you get hungry during your trip, you can try some amazing home-made delicacies on one of the many tourist farms. You can also spend the nights in the farms, if you decide to visit Solčava for more than one day.

If you are interested in more opportunities where you can fully experience nature and the life on the countryside, check out our blog about ecotourism in Slovenia.
Solcava Panoramic Road map
Map of the biking trails│© Solcava Panoramic Road

For longer visits, the panoramic road can be a great starting point for a variety of hiking and mountaineering routes as well. You can continue the Solčava panoramic road to Matkov kot (marked with blue on the map) with magnificent views over the glacier valley. Or take a 6 km trip towards the Bukovc farm and then take a 30-minute-long walk to the Grohot mountain pasture (the orange route).

For more information, visit the Solčava Panoramic Road website.

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