Despite his young age, Christoph already has a fantastic track record as a mountain and ski guide. He traveled all over the world, to discover the world's top ski and mountain-heavy countries. He had experiences from Canada, Pakistan, Georgia, and he even led expeditions to the Himalayas.

Take a look at his highlights:

  • Catskiing and heliskiing in Georgia (winter 17/18)
  • Expedition leader in the Himalayas (Dhaulagiri VII 2018)
  • Heliskiguide in British Columbia, Canada (Winter 18/19)
  • Expedition leader Broad Peak 8051m (Pakistan 2019)

Since the age of 22, he holds the Austrian state license, which is the highest certification a guide can have in Austria, and Europe. The energetic tour guide recently made his own travel company; called - which is available in German.

He is one of the most qualified local guide in Tyrol. After he got his certificate, he travelled the world to gather more and more experience. Christoph was born in Zillertal. That's his base, where he returns almost every year.

This year, we are lucky to have Chris back in Tyrol, Austria! His whole tour selection is available this winter on Trekhunt.

Zillertal Mountain Guides

Zillertal mountain guides have a high reputation regarding any mountain related sports. They are key figures from the beginning of alpinism to the present day in Austria, and beyond. The Zillertal area is so diverse that even other Austrian guides speak highly about it.

Tour Selection

He leads ice climbing, freeriding, ski touring, avalanche courses, and snowshoeing. He has a broad palette of every winter sport, that an enthusiast skier can wish. After the winter season, he will be back with the summer tours, like mountaineering, ferrata, hiking or sport climbing.

Expedition leader Broad Peak 8051m (Pakistan 2019)

Broad peak is a mountain in the Himalayas, and the 12th highest peak in the world. It is located on the border of Pakistan and China. The mountain has five summits: Broad Peak (8051 m), Rocky Summit (8028 m), Broad Peak Central (8011 m), Broad Peak North (7490 m), and Kharut Kangri (6942 m).

Broad Peak is a challenging climb for sure. It starts steep and never ends. The upper sections are dangerous and the summit ridge has turned back even the best mountaineers over the years. The views during the trek up the Baltoro Glacier are mind blowing as are those of K2 up close. Christoph successfully lead the expedition to the highest peak, to Broad Peak.

Association of Austrian Mountain and Ski Guides

The training covers the whole range of alpine mountaineering in theory and practice.
The preparation courses for the mountain guide aptitude test are arranged in such a way that they clearly show on the one hand the expected requirements in the course of the aptitude test. Surprises in terms of technical difficulties, conditional requirements, necessary equipment, expected flow of movement and safety throughout the occurrence should be avoided. The courses support the preparation for the aptitude test to identify any weaknesses and to improve them accordingly in order to achieve a positive result in the aptitude test.

The ability test consists of two parts (winter and summer); These must be completed within one calendar year in the order winter/summer.
In the winter of each year (end of January / beginning of February), the aptitude test in the area of ​​skiing with ascent and descent, followed by the tests Steileis and ice quickly (a total of 3 days).  

Anyone who has completed the first part can take the qualification test in the rock area (sport climbing, alpine, or clean climbing, and rock easily) in May/June. After a successful discussion of the tour report, you can start with the 56-day, first training part. Source: the association website.

Here, at Trekhunt we are glad to have Christoph on board. Working with him teach us a lot about his passion and profession - what we all love: sport and adventure. We can only recommend him.

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